Welcome to the International Club of Canada
"Hands across the net, friendship across the ocean "

Welcome to the International Club of Canada

Aims of the International Lawn Tennis Club of Canada

To promote friendship and sportsmanship in tennis between Canada and other countries by hosting tennis events with other IC countries and supporting tennis development in Canada by providing mentorship for young tennis players.

The first meeting of Active Members of the International Lawn Tennis Club of Canada was held at the Albany Club in Toronto on Wednesday, August 11, 1965, at 12.30 p.m. Laird Watt, the first president of the Club, was unable to attend and Gilbert Nunns chaired the meeting. In addition to Gilbert those attending the meeting in person or by proxy were familiar names in Canadian tennis history: Peter Barnard, John Bassett, Bob Barnard, François Godbout, Bruce Harrison, Sydney Hermant, Jim Macken, Harry Marpole and Walter Martin. Don Fontana, captain of the Club, agreed to approach the I.C. of the USA for a match in 1966. There were discussions of a black tie dinner, a match against a touring team from England and plans to participate in I.C. matches in Holland. The Canadian I.C. was up and operating. It had officially received “International Club” recognition just six weeks before, at the annual meeting of the Council of I.C.’s held each year during the fortnight of Wimbledon. It joined thirteen other nations with International Clubs, all existing with a common interest in the game of tennis.

The annual match with the USA Club has been the main regular event of the Club since that time, with matches alternating each year between the Donalda Club and various locations in the USA. The Piping Rock Club on Long Island, The Merion Cricket Club in Philadelphia, The West Side Tennis Club on Long Island. In 1971 the matches were divided in an open event competing for the Proctor Cup and a seniors event for the new Lawrence Baker Trophy. Women’s matches were included in the late 90’s and starting in the year 2000 teams will play for the Carole Graebner Trophy. 

There is no doubt that tournaments for the Windmill, Christiane Mercelis, and Columbus Trophies represent the highlights of the I.C. Movement. On these occasions many of the now 34 International Clubs meet in team competition. In these tournaments old friendships across the net and across the nations are renewed, and new ones made. Equally enjoyable are the I.C. Tours where teams of I.C. players tour other countries at the invitation of their I.C.’s, or host visiting teams.

This brief review of the Club’s history would not be complete without an expression of gratitude to the spirit behind the creation of the I.C. Club of Canada, the Late Bruce Harrison and those who have served on the Club’s executive, particularly its presidents: Laird Watt, Walter Martin, John Proctor, Jim Skelton, Frank Mott-Trille, Brian Flood and David Dimmer.

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IC Uruguay 40th Anniversary Event

IC Uruguay 40th Anniversary Event

Deadline for confirmation for teams for the IC Uruguay 40th Anniversary event has been extended to the end of December. The hotel has kindly given us until then to accept reservations, giving you more times to organise your teams, and additional they’ve allowed a more flexible 48hour full refund policy. Please see the factsheet here, and contact the IC Uruguay to find out more. Vice President: Philippe Pinet - philnat@netgate.com.uy and President: - Jean Paul Brisson - jeanbrisson@vera.com.uy.

The event is now being held on the 30th March - 3rd April 2022 and is for a maximum of 8 countries, from 40 years old, singles and doubles and both men and women. We are also preparing a special highlight in the form of a doubles exhibition match between Fiorella Bonicelli and Thomaz Koch, almost 50 years after their triumph in Roland Garros in 1975!

Thus far the IC’s of Argentina, Brazil and Chile are confirmed.. The IC’s of France, Germany and Luxembourg have registered their interest and are still to confirm.

Additionally, for the South American tour, the following will be offered around the IC Uruguay event:

These additional matches will be carried out under the ICs usual guidelines for bilateral matches. Meaning that each IC will make its own lodging arrangements - seeking advice from the local ICs as needed - and will define the composition of each delegation for the host ICs to make suitable friendly playing arrangements.

Further information can be found on the events page.

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