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March 2024
Canadians Shine at World Seniors Championships in Manavgat, Turkey in March 2024

Canadians Shine at World Seniors Championships in Manavgat, Turkey in March 2024

Canada had a particularly strong showing in the latest version of the Seniors (now called Masters) World Tennis Championships recently held at the Ali Bey resort in Manavgat, Turkey in March 2024 for those aged 65 and up – all the way up – to 100 years old.

The highlight for Canada was the Bitsy Grant Cup and gold medal won by the Canadian over 75 men’s team consisting of Tim Griffin, Chris Burr, and Joe Forrayi.  They defeated Italy 3-0 in the final, taking out Germany, France, Turkey, and United States along the way.  Only Germany was able to win a singles match against Burr or Griffin. 

Only slightly outdone was the men’s over 70’s team, competing in the Jack Crawford Cup.  The team of Keith Porter, Brian Millar, and Daryl Howes-Jones played their way past Austria, Portugal, Great Britain and Australia before falling in the deciding doubles match to champion France in a very close tie. 

In the second week, players played singles, doubles and mixed doubles in the world championships.  Many Canadians participated and excelled in the annual event.  No gold medals were won in the singles events;  but Tim Griffin won the silver medal in the men’s over 75 event; his teammate Chris Burr won a bronze medal for a semi-final showing, and Brian Millar also won a bronze for being a men’s over 70 semifinalist.  John Tibbits won the men’s over 80 Bonus draw, and Raynald D’Aoust did the same in the men’s over 85.  On the ladies’ side, Jeanie McEachern was the finalist in the over 65 draw.  In doubles, Griffin and Burr won the gold medal in men’s over 75, and Horst Dammholz and Raynald D’Aoust were silver medalists, (finalists) in the men’s over 85 event.

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