Membership Criteria (Revised August 2014)

Active Members 

shall be citizens or residents of Canada and shall only be eligible for election if, in the judgment of the Club's Board of Directors,

(a) they have demonstrated their interest in the Objects of the Club* ,


(b) as tennis players, they have achieved a high standard of play (NTRP rating 4.5 and up)


have either (i) represented their country in international competition, or (ii) won or been a finalist in national championships  in any age category, or (iii) played, or been invited to play, in international team matches approved by the Club (Gordon Trophy, ILTC international cups or matches, ITF team events) or (iv) are an active teaching professional certified (or in the process of certifying) at a coach 3 or club pro 3 level or equivalent (eg USPTA, USPTR) or (v) attended university for 2 years on a tennis scholarship.

International Members

shall not be citizens of Canada and shall be eligible for election as such, provided that they have been members of an international team visiting Canada, or have participated in matches of an international character or have rendered signal services to international tennis. No person shall be elected an International Member unless he or she is a member of; and is approved by, the International Club (if any) of his or her country.

Honorary Members

shall be limited to citizens of Canada and shall not exceed ten in number. A person, in order to qualify for election as such, shall have rendered signal service to tennis in general and particularly to international tennis in a capacity other than as a player.

Junior Members

shall be citizens or residents of the Canada who satisfy the eligibility requirements for Active Members but have not yet attained the age of twenty-five years. Junior Members are not liable fo the Annual Contribution. Upon attaining the age of twenty-five years, they cease being Junior Members but shall become eligible for election as Active Members.

*The Objects of the Club shall be:

a. To promote, by social union and match-play, good fellowship among tennis players who have represented this country abroad as members of touring tennis teams or who are or have been active in international tennis competition.

b. To develop, encourage and maintain the highest standard of sportsmanship and understanding among tennis players of all nations.

c.To assist in the welcome and hospitality of tennis teams and players visiting Canada from abroad.

d. To provide members with information of tennis clubs and facilities in overseas countries.

Nomination process.

Nominee to complete application form and two members of the I.C. to write

1.  Nominating letter

Years known and how known.

How demonstrated interest in the Objects of the Club.  Suggest normally the nominee will have participated in at least one  IC match and demonstrated their willingness to fully participate (and cover their costs).

Professional or volunteer involvement in tennis.  Coach certification levels. Positions(volunteer or professional) held in tennis organizations (club, provincial or national association)

Tennis playing resume.   Representation of Canada in international events.  National championship results (any age).  Provincial championship results.

Verification that prospective member is aware of the responsibilities of membership. (Info on website summarised on application form)

2. Seconding letter

Years known and how and affirming information in nomination letter.

3. Application Form

About IC in general.  Objects of club.  Activities.  Dues.  Responsibilities of members for maintaining dues, sportsmanship, hosting responsibilities, attendance at social functions at matches, payment of personal expenses etc.  Benefits of membership.

Requests contact information. Permission to distribute basic information to other members.

First two years dues.

4. Nomination review

Nominating letters to membership sub committee for review and approval. Nomination letters and note from membership sub committee to board for approval.  Notification to nominators and nominee of results of nomination with appropriate available material.