List of Members

Canadian Honorary Members of International Clubs

Rosti Brankovsky IC USA
Rosti Brankovsky IC Czech Republic
Rosti Brankovsky IC of Netherlands
Doug Green  IC USA
Rick Howell    IC USA
Hani Ayoub    IC USA
Hani Ayoub    IC Austria   
Hani Ayoub    IC Hungary 
Hani Ayoub    IC Germany
Hani Ayoub    IC Switzerland
Kinuko Higashio  IC Switzerland
Brendan Macken  IC France 1995
Francois Godbout  IC France  2012
Chrichton Wilson IC France 2012
Owen Pellew  IC India
Owen Pellew  IC Mexico
Owen Pellew  IC USA  2017
Raj Nagendra  IC Belgium 2011
Raj Nagendra  IC USA 2016
Hani Ayoub  IC Belgium  2015
David Dimmer IC France 1995
David Dimmer IC Austria  2105
David Dimmer IC Germany  2015
David Dimmer IC Barbados  2015
David Dimmer IC Uruguay 2015

Dale Kozicz     IC USA
Pam Olley       IC USA
Keenan O’Young IC USA 2016
Michael Stauble  IC of USA
Michael Stauble  IC of Germany 2017
Tim Griffin US IC 2018
Phil Cox  IC Mexico 2018